Technology Trends in Audio Engineering – Good for Spatial Audio

I just found the time to go through the Technology Trends in Audio Engineering essay written by the leaders of 17 AES technical committees and released half a year ago.

While reading this 18 page document I was positively surprised to see how many different interest groups have an interest in spatial audio related issues.

The 10 groups which mention spatial audio are:

  • Games
  • Audio Recording and Mastering Systems
  • Automotive Audio
  • Coding of Audio Signals
  • High Resolution Audio
  • Signal Processing for Audio
  • Spatial Audio (obviously)
  • Audio for Telecommunications
  • Transmission and Broadcasting
  • Microphones and Applications

The 7 groups that do not seem to think much about spatial audio are:

  • Semantic Audio Analysis
  • Network Audio Systems
  • Human Factors in Audio Systems
  • Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention
  • Fiber Optics for Audio
  • Audio Forensics
  • Archiving, Restoration, and Digital Libraries

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