Past Development Projects

I have been a Senior Staff Research Engineer and team manager at Qualcomm, focused on the perceptual and technical aspects of immersive audio and extended reality technologies.

Use headphones for playback


Jamoma is a real-time interactive media processing library for Max and Ruby. Proof-of-concept implementations also exist for Pure Data and iOS.

This open source project is a collaboration between 74 ObjectsBEKGMEA, and others.

ViMiC – Virtual Microphone Control

ViMiC is a spatial sound projection system based on recording principles used by audio engineers.

Developed in collaboration with Communication Acoustics and Aural Architecture Research Laboratory, RPI.


The Spatial Sound Description Interchange Format (SpatDIF)

I initiated SpatDIF, a format to describe spatial audio information in a structured way. This open format is under development, more under

Content Analysis of spatial sound scenes: separation, classifying and tracking of sounding objects and acoustical properties in 3D

I worked on a real-time analysis framework for large scale microphone arrays which can be used for spatial audio content production and for retrieving acoustical scene information from the environment. This project was supported through a DAAD scholarship.

SOFiA – sound field analysis toolbox for MATLAB

I contributed to SoFIA, a Matlab toolbox for soundfield analyis. This project is managed by Benjamin Bernschütz from University of Applied Science Cologne and Deutsche Telekom Laboratories.

Compositional Applications of Auditory Scene Synthesis in Concert Spaces via Gestural Control


Eureka! Science Festival

Creation of a spatialization system with interactive soundscapes for different age groups.

TrakHue – Gestural Control of Live Electronics

This project explores a control method for live electronics which bypasses traditional haptic models through a virtual ”landscape” of control parameters activated by a video capture system.

DJ Spat – Spatial Interaction for DJs

A system for mixing sound in space through motion-tracking of DJ gestures.

ICAD 2006 Telematic Music Performance

A multinational telematic concert performance led by the late Pauline Oliveros between  McGill University (Canada), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Location (US, New York State), Stanford University Location (US, California), KAIST (South Korea).

A wireless binaural headphone using ultrasound headtracking

This thesis describes a wireless head-tracking system based on ultrasonic optimized to be used within a rear-seat car entertainment system in combination with a video screen. Negative effects of acoustic reflections and measurement noise were reduced and computational complexity was optimized for long battery life. A variety of DSP algorithms are evaluated for this specific task using a real-time testing environment implemented in Pure Data (PD) and compared with a wired Polhemus position tracker (see image).

Acoustical Modeling and Analysis of the St. Stephans Cathedral Vienna

Design of CATT-Acoustics model to guide acoustical improvements for choir performances during the Mozart Year 2006.